Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Below Rules and Regulations of the 2nd Copernicus Olympiad are listed:

1 – The 2nd Copernicus Olympiad has two disciplines:
I) Physics and Astronomy
ii) Natural Science

2 – Students can compete only in one discipline.

3 – Physics and Astronomy has 3 categories;
Category 1: Grades 7-8
Category 2: Grades 9-10
Category 3: Grades 11-12

4 – Natural Science has 2 categories;
Category 1: Grades 5-6
Category 2: Grades 7-8

5 – The 2nd Copernicus Olympiad has 2 rounds. The first one is Online Elimination Round and the second one is Global Round.
In order to qualify for the Global Round students must pass the Online Elimination Round.

6 – Students must score 30% or higher to qualify for the Global Round. Students who did not take the Online Elimination Round or scored below the minimum will not be invited to the Global Round.

7 – Students must register themselves till October 25,2021. No other application will be accepted after the registration deadline.

8 – The registration fee for the Online Elimination Round is 20 USD.
The application cannot be canceled after the payment is done and there will be no refund.

9 – The online Elimination Round has 30 multiple choice questions for Physics and Astronomy discipline and 25 multiple choice questions for Natural Science discipline.

10 – The time allocated to answer the questions for both disciplines is 70 minutes.

11 – The language of the Olympiad is English.

12 – The students are obliged to fulfill the requirements for Online Elimination Round (devices, sufficient internet connection, exam environment and technical equipment).

10 – Each category winner ( 2 for Natural Science and 3 for Physics and Astronomy) will participate in the Global Round for free. However, they will need to pay for their international air tickets and visas.

11 – Parents who wish to accompany their children to the Global Round need to get in touch with their country representative to get their invitation letter.